Rib Ticklers BBQ History

Ribticklers BBQ HistoryRib Ticklers BBQ History starts right here in Gig Harbor. There’s always a place for legends. They’re not just history, but what each time gives. A mighty man is not measureed big or small, black or white, rich or poor, but by what he is and what he gives to bring the world a sense of joy. This story is about the light of the late Willy Harris, a western renaissance man in the world of eating. BARBECUE RIBS TACOMAThe spirit of partners sharing a RIB TICKLIN TASTE…award winning taste! Willy was no ordinary man, though easy,quiet, and always sporting a friendly smile. For years he traveled near and far feeding and hob nobbin with the rich and famous as they brought the joy of the USO to our boys far from home. By his magic he turned Bob Hope into a RIB TICKLIN groupie and Bob in turn infected his friends. He teased the taste buds of Presidents with his All American Sauce. Now they came to him from near and far looking for that mouth watering taste. And Willy was proud to serve “Good food to good folks” A tickler of the times.

So let the Rib Ticklers BBQ history continue. But let’s not get ahead of our taste savoring story, for indeed there is a story to be told. Willy Harris, the man who developed the western art of Rib Ticklin. He found it in the wild and woolly smells that make a man hungry. Willy heard that spirit in his nose. Like Ribtickler BBQ Historythe aroma of the Smokey Mountain campfires tickling the senses to the sagebrush smoke blowing in the wind across the prairie to the whispering breezes of the great northwestern wilderness singing of sweet herbal smells. With a smile on his lips and magic in his nose, Willy set out with the savory secret of the Carolina s BBQ to the western frontier. All the spirits of the land raced to satisfy his hunger for something better and in his heart and mind was conjured a magic alchemy to set man’s taste buds free. A RIB TICKLIN LEGACY. And so began the Rib Ticklers BBQ HistoryRibtickler BBQ History GIG Harbor
BARBECUE AWARDSIn the Washington wilds, the fateful year 1982, around a campfire of special oasis smoke, a stranger was drawn to Willy’s place of barbecue by the spirit in his nose. Filled with praise and satisfaction he returned many times with family and friends, cajoling with Willy about bottling and selling the sauce. Sadly, Willy passed on in 1985 leaving many bellies in need. Until our stranger got to carvin that taste so bad he built a fire of his own. In 1988 with smell and taste in memory alone, he trusted his hungry senses. Then low and behold just before the grand opening, a man of kindred spirit with Willy’s secret recipes in hand said, Carry on the RIB TICKLIN LEGACY AND ITS YOURS.

Well by golly, the word spread like a grass fire on the praire being blown by a strong wind. For ever since, the eating, raving and craving for the RIB TICKLIN magic had created a national need. It was meant to be everyone agreed the spirit of partners sharing a RIB TICKLERS TASTE SETTING THE TASTE BUDS FREE. And the rest is Rib Ticklers BBQ History.

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