Barbecue Ribs in Gig Harbor

Ribticklers in Gig Harbor has the tastiest barbecue ribs in Gig Harbor. Ribticklers BBQ is a barbecue and sauce National Champion right here in Gig Harbor. Dennis Ofsthun and his BARBECUESMOKEPIThickory fired smoker are saucing up barbecue ribs, baby back ribs, Tri Tip, chicken and southern style pulled pork.  After years of traveling to cook offs and sauce contests, the new location promises to be a main stay for providing top quality barbecue ribs for the folks in the Gig Harbor and Tacoma area.
Barbecue ribs,Barbeque,bbq,Tri Tips,brisket,pulled pork or how ever you want to say it, or however you want to eat it, one thing is for sure, low and slow is the only way to do it. Its been a long time since the little barbecue place at the bottom of Stinson Street on the water where the park is now. Alot has happened since then and it appears we are not done yet.

ribticklers gig harborThe morale of the story is people dont forget things that taste good. Even though I closed the Harbor Landing location in 1995, people talk about it as if it was yesterday.The plan for this location in Gig Harbor is to stay small, make it taste great and never end our barbecue journey.Making it difficult to say, “you just cant find good barbecue ribs around here anymore. That void alone was a large motivator to take on this task one more time. And like before, all the pieces just fell into place. It’s been “Its meant to be” the reward has been like before how much appreciation people have for the barbeque. Like I have had since I ate at Willy’s place a long time ago. We thank you for being one of our customers.

Be sure to have a sample of some of our great tasting, delicious and award winning barbecue ribs.


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